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straw bale house DVD and book

Building With Awareness:
The Construction of a Hybrid Home
DVD and Guidebook

is the Award-Winning* DVD Video and Guidebook that shows the step-by-step process of working with earth plasters and other natural materials

    Earth plasters are made from natural sand and clay and make a durable substitue for gypsum plaster and paints. Earth plastering expert Keely Meagan, the author of Earth Plasters for Straw Bale Homes, and mud plaster expert Stefan Bell, show you how to plaster your own home in a variety of colors. Learn about base coats and finish coats. See an extensive demonstration of using white clay earth plasters that create a beautiful and durable finish. This house uses earth plaster for both the interior and exterior walls. Learn how to make exterior walls finished in earth plaster last for years without maintenance.
Earth plasters, unlike conventional plaster and stucco, are user-friendly. They are non-toxic and do not burn the skin. Due to the slow drying time, novice users will find that you can work at your own pace. The material is also very forgiving of mistakes and can be worked to a variety of finishes.
    A detailed, step-by-step demonstration of various earth plastering techniques is a core element of this how-to DVD and guidebook.
Earth and clay plasters are great for the do-it-yourselfers. By breaking the plastering into separate steps—from mixing to application —the process becomes easy to understand. This video will teach you the techniques you need for both interior and exterior mud plasters for your home. Finally, there is a video for the rest of us who need to see the process in order to fully understand it.

Below are some sample pages from the Building With Awareness Guidebook that demonstrates step-by-step information on mixing and applying earth plasters:




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Includes a double-layer DVD, a full-color 8-page quick-reference booklet with a floor plan of the home, and a protective storage box.
The DVD features a second audio track that doubles the design and construction information on the DVD to over 5 hours, a 16-minute sequence on construction details, and a quick-access menu. Running time of main video program: 2 hours 42 minutes. Released in 2005.

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Earth Plasters Topics
• Learn how to mix the sand, clay, and wheat paste to the proper proportions. • Learn about mixing weather-resistant earth plaster and application on straw bale and adobe using a three-coat system • See the application of mud plaster on adobe walls  •  Mixing white earth plasters for the finish coat, including durable recipes •  Application of white earth plasters as a finish coat, with dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques •  Final exterior earth plaster for a durable finish

Designer and filmmaker Ted Owens walks you through the entire design and construction process of building his passive-solar home. Although the Building With Awareness DVD covers the construction of an entire home, many people buy the video for its extensive step-by-step how-to chapters on working with earth plasters. Over thirty minutes of the program are devoted to the preparation for, and the process of, earth plastering.

Stefan Bell hosts the sequence on using an all-volunteer crew to apply the first coat of mud to the home’s walls. He demonstrates mud mixtures, application techniques, the use of tools, and additional tips and tricks. Nothing will get you up to speed faster than by watching Stefan go through the entire earth plastering process. By the end, you will want to get your hands dirty yourself. It’s fun!

The finish coat of earth plaster is demonstrated by author and master-of-mud, Keely Meagan. She wrote the original book on earth plastering, “Earth Plasters for Straw Bale Homes”. Keely will show you how to obtain a beautiful white earth plaster finish in a variety of colors—even if you have never plastered a wall in your life. She will show you how to mix the earth plaster and what tools to use. When finished, you end up with a beautiful, paint-free surface on your walls.


earth plaster mixes and techniques

Earth plasters come in a wide variety of colors and shades. This is kaolin clay that can be used as a colored finish coat on top of the more common brown mud earth plaster.The Building With Awareness DVD video shows every step, in great detail, of how to mix various types of earth and clay plasters.

white clay plaster on brown clay plaster

Earth plasters have a very slow drying time as compared to gypsum-based plasters. This allows plenty of time to work the plaster to the desired finish.

earth plastering a straw bale wall

Earth plasters can be used both on the interior and exterior of your home. They can be applied to straw bale walls (as shown above) adobe walls, and even conventional frame walls. The video shows you how to add wheat paste to the plaster mixture in order to make the walls water-damage resistant and to prevent "dusting".



straw bale homes DVD award   Three 2005 Telly Awards
   In the categories of:
   • Outstanding Multimedia DVD
   • Editing
   • Use Of Graphics
   The Telly Awards honor the finest video and    film productions nationwide



"Its detailed instruction,
eco-consciousness, and pure watchability makes this the best new green-building resource by far.”

—Catherine Wanek
Author of The New Straw Bale Home and the soon-to-be-published The Ultra Natural Home


Addtional DVD Features:
• Beautifully photographed and edited to television broadcast standards
• Original musical score and stereo soundtrack
• Leading experts in straw bale, earth plastering,
electrical wiring, and framing lead detailed
demonstrations of each phase of consturction
• A second audio track with additional design and construction commentary that doubles the design and construction information to over 5 hours. This track features reasons for various design decisions, why specific materials were chosen, construction costs, and the experience of building a green home.
• A sixteen-minute narrated slide show of
construction details on foundations, framing, window
details for straw bale, and plumbing
• An eight page booklet with technical specifications
of the home and a floor plan
• Easy access to various sections of the DVD by usingyour remote-control

Technical Information:
Video Format:NTSC, Digital Stereo Sound, Dual Layer DVD-9. Dual-layer DVD's are the same type that are used for Hollywood feature films. They offer the same amount of high-quality video that fits on two standard DVD's, all without having to flip or change the DVD.

Playing in other countries: This DVD will play in all country regions as long as your DVD player supports the NTSC video format (the standard in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan). Most European televisions use the PAL video system. Some, but not all, PAL DVD players will play NTSC DVD's. If you live in a PAL or SECAM region, check the specifications of your DVD player. This DVD will play on all home computers around the world (PC and Mac) that are capable of playing DVD video. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice




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