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picture straw bale house and hybrid home



How do you build a straw bale home? How easy is it to use green building materials? How do you power your house with green electricity made from sunlight? The Building With Awareness DVD video, book, and website were created to answer these questions.

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Inspiration and ideas for green building

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The only product of its kind in straw bale construction

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Straw Bale House Construction
Some green building techniques featured in this home

Straw Bale House Construction Cost
A complete breakdown of the cost of this home

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Four essential green building steps that cost little or nothing

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DVD excerpt showing the finished home
DVD excerpt showing passive solar home design
Video showing large scale green construction with LEED

How Do You Build A
Green Home?

The main purpose of green building is to make the house economical to run, heat, and cool. Did you know that some of the most important elements of green building do not add anything to the construction cost? Therefore, every green home should incorporate these energy-efficient design features—regardless of whether your walls are made of straw bale, adobe, wood, or brick. Here they are in four simple steps:

Step 1 Build small and build only what you need. Put your money into visual details instead of square footage. This will dramatically reduce construction . .
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Above: Learn about green building by watching the construction of this straw bale house. This hybrid home generates all of its own electricity and incorporates passive solar heating and cooling. The aesthetics are influenced by the green construction materials, the use of natural materials, and basic solar design principles. Aesthetics are an important element of green building as a structure that looks good is more likely to be preserved for years to come.

picture how to build a straw bale house DVD and book

The 152-page Building With Awareness full-color book and DVD video are presented in a clear and concise format that walks you through the entire design and construction process. Regardless of whether you are ready to start building or are just dreaming about having a green straw bale home in the future, "Building With Awareness" is a resource loaded with inspiration and how-to techniques. Flip the book open to any page and instantly put your finger on a piece of information that you can walk away with.

Building With Awareness:
A DVD Video and Book On Building
AnEnergy Efficient Straw Bale Home

Constructing a straw bale solar home requires the merging of solar design with alternative building techniques. Books are great for acquiring information on these topics quickly and easily, while videos are essential for showing the actual building methods and techniques firsthand. The Building With Awareness DVD / guidebook combination brings you the best of what both video and books have to offer. The award-winning DVD is inspiring and informative, with over five hours of material on every aspect of building a green home with straw bale and other natural materials. The 152-page handy-reference guidebook complements the DVD with more than four hundred full-color photographs, diagrams, and illustrations, plus tips, suggestions, and step-by-step methods—all condensed into an easy-to-understand, nuts-and-bolts format. Used side-by-side, these two important resources provide a comprehensive and visually dynamic library of information on building beautiful and energy-efficient green homes with straw bale.
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What is a Hybrid Home?

A hybrid home, like a hybrid car, takes multiple technologies and merges them together for something that is better than any of the elements by itself. For example, this straw bale hybrid home uses low technology insulation (straw bales) and passive solar design (paying attention to window location) that is combined with high technology solar panels that generate electricity from sunlight.


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