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The Video and Guidebook On How To Build A Straw Bale Home

Building With Awareness: The Construction of a Hybrid Home Guidebook
By Ted Owens( green designer and filmmaker)
List Price: $18.00 (coming soon)

The DVD is no longer available.

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• Inspiration and information on both design and construction techniques.
• The DVD video has received 3 Telly Awards for production excellence, including Outstanding Multi-media DVD, Editing, and Use of Graphics. The video has the look and feel of a quality broadcast televison program.
• Seeing the process on video is the best way to understand how a green home is built.
• The main video presentation runs for 2 hours and 42 minutes. Additional features include a 2nd audio track (with additional construction and design commentary) and a 15-minute narrated slide show of construction details. This makes for over 5 hours of concise straw bale construction information.
• All techniques shown in the video are broken down into easy-to-follow steps in the guidebook
• The beautifully designed guidebook contains over 400 full-color photographs and diagrams showing techniques and tips on how to build a green straw bale home.
• Each page of the book is completely cross-referenced by time to the DVD video so that you can find the green building information that you are looking for.
• Terms are explained and materials are suggested for building a healthy and energy-efficient green home.
• The DVD will play in all countries on DVD players that are NTSC compatible, plus computers.

You are dreaming of building a straw bale home that is comfortable, energy efficient, and beautiful. Obtaining this information sometimes seems like more work than it should be.

Finally, there is a video/book combination for those of us who need to observe the process in order to fully understand it. You will be right on the construction site, learning from the experts as they notch and stack the straw bales and mix the mud. Learn about rubble trench foundations that conserve concrete, post-and-beam wall framing for straw bale walls, roof construction and environmentally sound insulation, thick interior thermal mass walls for stabilizing indoor temperatures and improving energy efficiency, rainwater cistern construction, electrical wiring for straw bale and adobe walls, photovoltaic systems for self-sufficient electrical generation, earth-plastering techniques for straw bale and adobe walls, and passive solar design. See how to combine energy efficiency and aesthetics, using environmentally friendly materials.

Watch and read about the step-by-step process of building a straw bale home from start to finish. With the knowledge you will gain from Building With Awareness, you will have the confidence and know-how to either build your own home yourself. Or you will know the right questions to ask when working with hired architects and contracts. By covering both the aesthetic and solar-design parameters of building green, the video and guidebook cuts through the mystery of building a straw bale house. What is the best foundation to use to conserve concrete? How can thick-and-heavy interior thermal mass walls (made of adobe, stone, or brick) greatly increase the energy-efficiency of your straw bale home? How do you frame the structure, install electrical wiring and add plumbing for straw bale walls? And how can solar energy be put to use to not only heat the house, but to also supply electricity for all of you needs? In a world that is just beginning to think green, it is important to have an overall concept of what is essential in good home design. It is important to demand the best features and materials. The information in this video and guidebook will permit you to build the greenest straw bale home that you can.

The Building With Awareness guidebook and video will paint a visual picture in your mind as to how all construction techniques flow together. Continue Reading

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