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Tree on Urban Building

Above: A volunteer tree grows from the wall of an abandoned building in downtown Los Angeles, striving to balance the natural landscape with the urban landscape.

For years I have been keeping notebooks of sketches, collecting pictures, taking photographs, shooting video, and writing down ideas regarding sustainable design. This blog will be a way to share some of my thoughts. The plan is to inspire and show anything that remotely relates to creating a green society that functions well and looks good. The mix of content will be broad as ideas can come from what appear to be unrelated fields. Green building, passive solar architecture, energy efficient transportation, novel solutions using appropriate technology, and just plain smart design will all be covered. It is by looking at the big picture, and not putting barriers as to what is possible, that will permit us to design our way into a new era.

Ted Owens
Syncronos Design Inc.
Sustainable designer and filmmaker and author of the Building With Awareness DVD and Guidebook

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