Photographs of The EV1 Electric Car

The EV1 electric car by General Motors was was produced from 1996 through 1999. It was the first modern production electric vehicle to hit the road and was availible through a lease program through the manufacturer. Despite its short life (the vehicles were ultimately all recalled by General Motors and destroyed), I believe the aesthetics of the EV1 surpass any electric car on the road today. The design hit a sweet spot of being visually distinctive without being too outlandish. The form made a visual statement that this car was different. It was nice to look at and a blast to drive.

Driving the EV1 convinced me that electric cars were the future of transportation. It would be another decade before commercially available all-electric automobiles would be on the road again.  Following are photos that I shot of the EV1 in Los Angeles, California.

— Ted Owens

Side view of the General Motors EV1 electric car.

A side view of the General Motors EV1 electric car featuring a streamlined profile.

EV1 electric car showing the front and side aerodynamic body design.

Due to the electric motor, the front radiator grill was eliminated.

EV1 electric car design with an aerodynamic body and headlights.

The EV1 featured recessed headlights and a clean design that had the lowest drag coefficient of any car in history at the time.

EV1 electric car rear window design.

The highly curved rear window gave the EV1 a distinctive look.

EV1 electric car by General Motors. The rear wheels feature covered wheel wells.

The rear wheel wells were covered to reduce drag.

EV1 electric car showing the streamlined underside for better aerodynamic performance.

Even the underside of the EV1 was streamlined for better aerodynamic performance. Most cars on the road today have undersides that are anything but aerodynamic.

EV1 electric car being charged.

The EV1 charge port was located on the front of the car.

EV1 electric car with open hood showing the motor and inverter compartment.

The EV1 electric car with open hood showing the motor and inverter compartment. The power was stored in heavy lead-acid batteries.

EV1 electric car interior view showing the two seats and the center console.

The interior of this two-passenger electric car featured side-by-side seats separated by a control console. The interior design was neat and clean.

EV1 electric car interior view of the center console.

A closeup view of the EV1 center console.

EV1 electric car with wrap-around illuminated instrument panel.

The wrap-around illuminated instrument panel was easy to read and a break from conventional dashboards at the time.

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